Hector M. Maldonado

Associate Professor
Ph.D., 1991 University of California, Davis

Academic Department(s)
Department of Pharmacology

Research Area
Cell Biology

Research Interest
Cellular Caveolin expression
Signal transduction and protein-protein interactions
Anti-viral agents
Influenza viruses (INF-A and INF-B) are responsible for a well-known infectious disease that affects humans.  Current treatment options are limited and emergence of resistant strains highlight the need for development of new and effective therapeutic treatments.  We perform In Silico drug discovery targeting protein-protein interaction.  It is anticipated that this effort will result in the identification of highly potent, selective and safe compounds with demonstrated broad-spectrum antiviral activity against a number of Influenza virus strains.  It is the ultimate goal of this effort to provide a therapeutic alternative that can be used for effective treatment and/or prevention of INF infections. 

Selected Publications
PKC Independent Inhibition of Voltage Gated Calcium Channels by Volatile Anesthetics in Freshly Isolated Vascular Myocytes from the Aorta. Fanchaou M, Cubano L, Maldonado H, Bychkov R.   Cell Calcium.  2013 Oct;54(4):257-65.  
γ-Aminobutyric acid type a receptor inhibition triggers a nicotinic neuroprotective mechanism. Ferchmin PA, Pérez D, Castro Alvarez W, Penzo MA, Maldonado HM, Eterovic VA. J Neurosci Res. 2013 Mar;91(3):416-25.

SorLA in glia: shared subcellular distribution patterns with caveolin-1.  Salgado IK, Serrano M, García JO, Martínez NA, Maldonado HM, Báez-Pagán CA, Lasalde-Dominicci JA, Silva WI.  Cell Mol Neurobiolo. 2012 Apr;32(3):409-21.

P2Y2 receptor desensitization on single endothelial cells. Sanabria P, Ross E, Ramirez E, Colon K, Hernandez M, Maldonado HM, Silva WI, Jimenez-Rivera CA, Gonzalez FA. Endothelium. 2008 Jan-Feb;15(1):43-51. 

Downregulation of Kir4.1 inward rectifying potassium channel subunits by RNAi impairs potassium transfer and glutamate uptake by cultured cortical astrocytes.  Kucheryavykh YV, Kucheryavykh LY, Nichols CG, Maldonado HM, Baksi K, Reichenbach A, Skatchkov SN, Eaton MJ.  Glia. 2007 FEb;55(3):274-81.

Contact Information
Universidad Central del Caribe
P.O. Box 60327
Bayamón, PR 00960-6032

Tel  (787) 798-3001 ext. 2045
e-mail: hmaldonado1@gmail.com