All admitted applicants must consent, submit to, and satisfactorily complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC) as a condition of matriculation into the UCC-SOM. Enrollment will not be final until the completion of the criminal background check with results deemed acceptable. All expenses associated with the CBC are the responsibility of the applicant, either directly of through arrangements with an appropriate centralized application service. Students, who do not consent to the required CBC, refuse to provide information necessary to conduct the CBC, or provide false or misleading information in regard to the CBC will be subject to the refusal of admission.
This policy applies to all applicants to the UCC-SOM educational program leading to the MD degree.

Prospective Students:

Prospective students seeking admission to the UCC-SOM leading to the MD degree will be informed of this policy and its requirements will be included with the admissions materials.

New and Transfer Students:

Students admitted to the UCC-SOM and Transfer students will be informed of this policy and its requirements at the time of acceptance. Once admitted, students will be required to complete a criminal background check and authorize release of results to appropriate academic and/or clinical personnel. A criminal background check will be considered a condition of acceptance.