Since its inception the UCCSoM has gained recognition among the private institutions in Puerto Rico for its strong emphasis on community intervention.


Our Mission:

To form competent diverse health professionals with an excellent academic preparation within a humanistic and holistic framework. Our guiding principle is to ensure that our graduates possess a strong sense of professionalism and commitment to their social duties and to offer service to Puerto Rico and Hispanic communities in the mainland.


Our Vision:

To be a School of Medicine that pursues the highest standards of excellence in education, research and clinical services, intrinsically committed to our community and societal needs.


Our Values:

The School is committed to:

Excellence: providing superior education, patient care and research.

  • Promoting the highest standards in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and professionalism.

  • Providing our students with integrated knowledge in the sciences basic to medicine; teaching the skills of critical thinking and analysis, the use of evidence-based practices, as well as other technologies, while conveying attitudes of compassion and respect for human dignity and a profound sense of ethics.

Altruism: unselfish, humanistic, considerate concern for the welfare of others.

  • Serving the public interest by providing quality health care, research programs, and education in accordance with the community’s health concerns and our societal needs.

Respect for others: regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others through the appreciation of diversity, professionalism, courtesy and compassion.

  • Embracing and assuring an environment of respect for the rich diversity of the human race and the understanding of the impact of these differences in health and disease.

  • Any member of our community cannot respect others without first having self-respect, which includes presenting a professional image, being courteous and compassionate and having the ethics and convictions necessary to uphold what they believe is right.

Scholarship: characterized by the mastery over a discipline through long study.

  • Developing and maintaining a student-centered educational environment conducive to the development of life-long learning and problem-solving skills.

Innovation: discover new ideas and develop cutting-edge knowledge.

  • The enrichment and enhancement of knowledge through strengthening a creative environment that fosters the development of research in the biomedical, clinical and psychosocial sciences with an orientation toward the health needs of our community.

  • Building stronger and more capable individuals through inclusivity and collaboration, showing the value of failure and the consideration/management of risks and opportunities through the application of evidence based approaches, since the ultimate responsibility for the health and wellbeing of patients and/or research projects resides within them.