The Alumni Office is the primary link between the university and its graduates. Our mission is to maintain you in contact with university life through innovative initiatives, thereby instilling a sense of pride and commitment with your Alma Mater.


Alumni are a vital part of the UCC. During your time as student you’ll act as mentors, helping making decisions about areas of study, develop network skills, among others. When you move beyond, you became an alumnus/alumnae, with the same opportunities to inspire next generations of students to achieve their dream. You are important ambassadors who can draw on your experiences to give back to the university community through mentoring, volunteering and or monetary support.

The UCC had conferred over 3,800 (total) degrees in the disciplines of Doctor in Medicine, Medical Images Technologists, Biomedical Graduates and Substance Abuse Counsellors. We are proud to announce that the majority holds leadership roles in their medical field of specialization.

Share your achievements with your classmates!!

Staying connected to your Alma Mater will help us in our effort to build a greater university.

Message from the President

On behalf of all of us who work at the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC), we extend a most cordial welcome to this Alumni section, and we congratulate you on all achievements accomplished, filled as they are with much personal and professional satisfaction.

For us at the UCC, graduates constitute our best legacy. You are an essential part of our university community, and our relationship transcends having been able to fulfill your dream of becoming a physical and human health professional. It is a relationship that lasts through the years, becoming a life-long relationship. Your successes are our successes, and we feel proud of your grand gestures here in Puerto Rico and abroad. You are our allies in the development of your Alma Mater, continuing your collaboration for the benefit of coming generations.

Through this link with the Office of Alumni and Institutional Development you will be able to keep in contact with your Alma Mater and it as well where we will inform you of the latest events and accomplishments achieved.

I urge you to update your contact information and advise us of your latest achievements.


Dra. Waleska Crespo