To prepare high-quality and devoted health professionals and biomedical scientists to meet the health needs of the community in its biological, physical, and social context with a humanistic focus and a high sense of moral obligation.


The Universidad Central del Caribe is a unique, innovative higher education institution committed to the development of evidence based educational approaches, healthcare service models, and research with the highest ethical standards and impeccable sense of social duty.


  • Excellence – ability to perform, achieve, and excel in academic and scholastic activities.

  • Integrity – adheres and acts within, a strong code of ethical conduct and positive values.

  • Resiliency – capacity to recover quickly and learn from difficulties to become stronger.

  • Diversity – recognize the gifts and unique contributions of every person in order to act with a high sense of justice, equity and inclusiveness.

  • Social Altruism – overall guiding principle that motivates individuals to contribute to the wellbeing of others and society as a whole.

  • Empathy – build costumer trust, strengthen university community relations, effective patient relationships, improve health outcomes and core values of professionalism.

  • Leadership – create a compelling vision and mission based on science and research data to guide the institution in developing creative ideas, doing and fostering teamwork.

  • Commitment to wellness – embrace the wellbeing of the university community.


UCC has identified three broad goals that provide for the development of the objectives and operational activities that will guide the strategic framework for the next three years (2022-2025). The UCC goals are:

  • To be positioned as the #1 higher education choice for the best qualified talents in pursuit of excellence in the health professions, and biomedical research careers.

  • Become an innovative higher education institution in the development and dissemination of educational approaches, health care services, evidence-based protocols and models, consultation, and health care entrepreneurship.

  • Become the leading higher education institution in Puerto Rico through ecofriendly practices, highest ethical principles, and impeccable sense of social responsibility.