DC Program Description:

The academic program conducive to a doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree of the Universidad Central del Caribe, combines a solid foundation in basic sciences and clinical skills, together with an in-depth immersion into the evidence-based chiropractic field. The student will have access to cutting edge biomechanic laboratories, a state of the art manipulation instructional setting, a clinical skills development center including high fidelity simulators and standardized patients, and experiences in different healthcare facilities that support the teamwork among the health professionals. The DC program is a rigorous eight academic semester doctoral program that can be completed in eight semesters.

Throughout the basic science courses, the curriculum has been organized to allow the student integrate all disciplines content around organ systems and in the context of a patient case scenario. The clinical experiences combine hospital, ambulatory healthcare and community settings where the student can build up the sense of being part of the healthcare team.

UCC Doctor of Chiropractic students are educated in a holistic approach to health care and wellness, which includes clinical reasoning, adjusting skills and therapeutics, rehabilitation, community support, functional nutrition and lifestyle management.

Research and critical appraisal of evidence bring a solid base to the modern chiropractic professional, thus the UCC Doctor of Chiropractic program utilizes strong courses that support this practice with incorporation of evidence-based practice skills among all other learning experiences. The student will be capable of developing a research proposal or collaborate with other professionals in the bench, clinical or community environment.

The UCC Doctor of Chiropractic program emphasizes the preventive role of the profession in maintaining the individual and community health status through emphasis on public health, functional nutrition and lifestyle, where the students learn while providing community service to different populations.

The program highlights the role of the chiropractor as a spine care expert contributing to the initiatives to ease the pain killer crisis in the national scenario.

The DC program is oriented to develop a professional dedicated to the patient and the community, offering the best chiropractic evidence-based healthcare in an interprofessional collaboration with the highest standards of professional ethics.