Terms and Conditions

Make a Report


The Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) recognizes its obligation to its students, faculty, staff and the community to maintain the highest ethical standards. To facilitate this process the UCC has chosen to provide you with an anonymous way to report activities that may be violations of the University policies or rules and regulations. Additionally, you may report positive experiences that have contributed to your academic learning environment at the UCC.

What to Report

You should report any situation or University conduct you believe violates an applicable regulations or University policy as well as any positive event that you believe has contributed to a positive academic learning environment.

Other Reporting Options & Resources

Frequently, the best place to raise a concern or positive comment may be within your own program through ordinary academic channels or through the Office of the Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs. You must be aware that any concern reported to faculty or staff must be also reported by them to the Office of the Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs. Faculty and staff are aware that any complaint verbally received constitutes an official report to the UCC.

If you have any knowledge about a misconduct, please let us know by clicking here