The Office of the Registrar is part of the Deanship for Academic Affairs, and takes care of all the personal and academic records for the active, inactive, and graduates students of the University. Also takes care about the official lists of classes and official lists of grades. The Office of the Registrar is in charge of the preparation of the Academic Calendars, registrations procedures, student’s academic transcripts, grade cards, certifications of studies and/or graduation, withdrawals procedures, etc.

Certifications and Transcripts:

The student who wishes to request a certification of studies, an official academic transcript or student copy, as well as certification of graduation shall make such request in writing with the corresponding fees.


The Office of the Registrar can certify by semester the deferments of any officially registered student of the UCC who receive federal student loans. The student should check out the information in the deferment and sign it, and then leave it in the Office for certification purposes.

Change of Address:

Students are required to provide the permanent address during the registration period. Student must notify this Office any change of address during the semester.

Class Attendance:

Class attendance is compulsory, and the departmental director is responsible for the enforcement of this regulation. The Office of the Registrar will send an official list of classes during the semester to verify the attendance of the student.


Students must complete successfully all the academic requisites for graduation, and apply for it filling out the APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION in the Office of the Registrar. During the registration for the second semester student should pay the corresponding fee. If the student does not request the “APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION” may postpone the conferring of the grade. Students in Certificate Programs do not receive honors. To be eligible for honors on graduation the student must have a cumulative quality point index (CQPI) of:

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Summa Cum Laude

3.75 to 4.00

Magna Cum Laude

3.50 to 3.74

Cum Laude

3.25 to 3.49


Nilda Montañez, MPA.

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María Sánchez
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