Learning and Information Resources Center (LIRC)

At the heart of Universidad Central del Caribe’s academic life, lies the Learning and Information Resources Center (LIRC).  The LIRC serves through its many ventures students, faculty, researchers, administrators and the community at large.  The LIRC houses four interconnected operational units that serve the multidimensional academic life at the University, including the Dr. Arturo L. Carrion Pacheco library, Continuing and Distance Education Unit; Technological Resources Unit, and the Information Systems and Telecommunications Unit.

Orientations, consultation and professional development activities are continuously delivered to keep UCC constituents at the forefront in the advanced technologies that support the three pillars of the institutional mission: excellence in education, clinical services and research.

Dr. Legier V. Rojas
LIRC Director
ext. 2302

Registrars Office

One of the most critical components of academic integrity is the Office of the Registrar’s.  its main goal is to protect and assure that student academic records are processed in an accurate, timely, and confidential manner.  The Institutional Policy Regarding the Access to student Records establishes the mechanisms and procedures that the Registrar’s Office follows to deal with document requests granting inspection of academic records.  Students are allowed to review their academic records and, in case of an error, they may request the corresponding corrections. Academic records are kept in the Registrar’s Office vault.  Access to this area is restricted and highly guarded, insuring a high degree of confidentiality for all records. The UCC adheres to the recommendations of the Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (ACRAO) regarding academic records.

Registrar’s Office Personnel

Nilda Montañez
extension: 2325

Maria Sanchez
Auxiliar Registar
extension: 2344


Faculty Development

The Curriculum and Faculty Development Office is essential to furthering Universidad Central del Caribe’s mission.  It collaborates with the design and management of the curriculum and plays a key role in training faculty on new teaching and assessment strategies.

The faculty development activities for both new and experienced faculty members are promoted through various structured initiatives organized by the Faculty Development Office. Among such initiatives are: on-campus workshops to improve the teaching/learning process; curricular development, academic evaluation, assessment, etc.; participation in off-campus workshops or professional meetings in one’s teaching or responsibility area; and individual technical assistance is periodically offered to the course coordinators to improve and facilitate the crafting of course syllabus. The focus of the activities for professional improvement includes three main areas: pedagogical processes and evaluation; research and areas of specialization; and technology and computer literacy. Consultants and local resources are contracted for the first two areas while the Educational Technology Unit of the Learning and Information Resources Center is used to train and provide continuous support in the use of new technologies.

Faculty Development Personnel

Dr. Willams Mejía Chavez
Faculty Development Coordinator
ext. 2319


Institutional Effectiveness Office

The main goal of the Institutional Effectiveness Office (IEO) is to assist the Universidad Central del Caribe community in the development of an institutional assessment culture.   The IEO is key in the implementation of the comprehensive Institutional Effectiveness Program (IEP). This program not only structures the academic, research, and services assessment activities but also extends the scope to include the academic and administrative support activities. The specific objectives of the IEP are: to (1) determine institutional strengths and weaknesses, (2) monitor the institutional effectiveness indicators, (3) implement a continuous improvement process, and (4) improve the utilization of institutional resources.

The IEO has engaged in several academic research initiatives that convey UCC’s current concerns and achievements towards academic enhancements and effectiveness.


Institutional Effectiveness Office Personnel

Yari Marrero
Institutional Effectiveness Office Director
ext. 2322

Sra. Maritza Morales
Evaluation Officer
ext. 2324