Faculty has consistently being identified as one the Universidad Central del Caribe’s most valuable strength. Faculty is actively engaged in teaching, research, and service delivery in fulfillment of the University’s mission. The Faculty consists of highly specialized professionals who have made valuable contributions to their fields of expertise. They are graduates of local, Mainland, and foreign institutions, some of whom have been in our Institution for more than twenty years. At the present time, many of the faculty are dedicated primarily to academic responsibilities and in smallest percents to service delivery, and to research activities. One of the most important contributions of our faculty in the area of scientific investigation has been the development of four research centers: the Neuroscience and Behavioral Center, the Cell and Molecular Biology Center, the Retrovirus Research Center, and the Institute for Research, Education and Services in Substance Abuse. A testament to the excellence in conducting timely and valuable research has been the faculty’s ability to keep the UCC as the second institution in Puerto Rico receiving grant funds awarded by the National Institutes of Health.

Diversity at the UCC comprises the added value to the academic community of individuals (staff/administration, faculty and students) representing certain segments of the population, such as those from low socioeconomic backgrounds and first generations in pursuing a professional degree, that enriches the scenarios in which the UCC activities take place.

The following table summarizes a description of the diversity indicators of the faculty at the UCC.


Indicator of diversity



Family gross income < $40,00/year



First generation in completing a professional degree






Hispanic/Puerto Rican



Raised in a rural community