The Psychiatry Department is closely involved with teaching Behavioral and Psychopathology to our medical students throughout the first three years of medical education.  During the preclinical years, our students are exposed to varied topics encompassing most fields related to human behavior, from psychological to biological development, from normal development to mental illness, and all psychological, learning and behavioural theories.

The Psychiatric Clerkship consists of a six-weeks provided for junior medical students (MS III), utilizing the clinical services and facilities of the First Hospital Panamericano and San Juan Veterans Administration Hospital. The clerkship is designed to provide opportunities for MS-III students to assume primary responsibility under close supervision for the evaluations of patients seeking help for mental health problems. The rotation includes experiences in adult and adolescent units with hospitalized patients as well as ambulatory patients.  Comorbid psychiatric disorders are commonly seen in physical illnesses and include mood disorders, anxiety disorder, psychotic disorders, and substance abuse disorders.  The student is closely involved in treatment teams and participates in a number of activities with the multidisciplinary team.



1.         Psychiatric Clinical Signs and Symptoms

2.         Psychiatric Interview

3.         History and Mental Status Exam

4.         Adjustment Disorders

5.         Drug and Alcohol Abuse & Dependence.

6..        Psychiatric Emergencies: Suicide, Psychotic, Violent patients

7.         Organic Mental  Disorders: Dementia, Delirium, other

8.         Mood Disorders

9..        Anxiety Disorders

10.       Dissociative Disorders

11.       Somatoform Disorders

12.       Schizophrenia Disorders

13.       Developmental Disorders

14.       Eating Disorders

15.       Personality Disorders


Rotation Sites:

First Hospital Panamericano
Aidariyls Santiago, M.D.
Director Dept of Psychiatry

San Juan Veteran’s Administration Hospital
Ana Torres Martín, M.D.
Director Dept of Psychiatry


Psychiatry Department Faculty

José A. Franceschini-Carlo, M.D.F.A.P.A.
Professor and Chairman

Fernando Entenza Cabrera, M.D.
Associate Professor

Ohel Soto-Raices, M.D.
Associate Professor


Psychiatry Department Staff:

Mrs. Marian Caballero
Administrative Assistant


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