Astrid Zayas

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2009; Illinois Institute of Technology
ORCID #0000-0003-4028-0564

Academic Department(s)
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Research Area

Research Interest
The role of Müller glial cells in pathological disorders of the retina
Optic Properties of  retinal Müller Cells

Dr. Zayas is interested in studying radially oriented Müller cells span the whole thickness of the retina and conduct light to photoreceptors. These cells contact all neuronal elements located within the retina providing support to neurons by maintaining the homeostasis of ions, water, neurotransmitters, and pH in the extracellular space.  Multiple diseases of the retina have been associated with a reactive gliotic Müller cell. In my lab we are interested in: (1) Evaluating the mechanisms by which gliotic Müller cells are implicated in mediating or protecting neuronal degeneration from high intraocular pressure-induced ischemia, such as that observed in glaucoma. (2) Studying Müller glia light conducting properties in the retina and their possible mechanisms for light transfer; and on how the disruption in the Müller cell body and in structural fibers, such as vimentin, can result in a damaged retina as observed in uveitis disease and affect the light transport to photoreceptor cells.

Contact Information
Universidad Central del Caribe
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Bayamón, PR 00960-6032

Tel.: 798-3001 x 2059