Microbiology and Immunology Department

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology is responsible of covering basic and apply aspects of medical microbiology and immunology to medical and graduate students.  In addition, a specialized clinical laboratory serves the medically affected subjects and research community. The sub-disciplines of bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, immunology and microbial physiology, are considered.  Research and clinical laboratory activities are specifically focus on conditions related to HIV/AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, human papilloma virus infections and substances of abuse as they impact the immune and neural system network.


Research Interest (areas and contact person)

  • HIV, HCV, HBV—-Drs. Eddy Rios, José W. Rodríguez and, Nawal Boukli.
  • Human Papilloma Virus —-Dr. Eddy Ríos
  • Substances of Abuse —–Drs. José W. Rodriguez, Nawal Boukli, Eddy Ríos
  • Vaccine Development —-Drs. Miguel Otero, Jose W. Rodríguez, Nawal Boukli and Eddy Ríos.
  • Proteomics —-Dr. Nawal Boukli and staff.
  • Cancer—- Drs. José W. Rodríguez, Nawal Boukli, Eddy Ríos


Faculty & Staff

Dr. Eddy Ríos-Olivares 

Department Director & Professor  &

Dr. Nawal Boukli 

Associate Professor


Dr. José W. Rodríguez 

Associate Professor


Prof. Zilka Ríos 

Associate Professor

Dr. José L. Molinaris 

Clinical Director

Rosa Cantres, MTASCP 

Clinical Laboratory Supervisor


Lcda. Carola López 

Laboratory Technologist


Lcda. Maridaliz Rodrígiez 

Laboratory Manager

Angelis Hernández 

Laboratory Assistant


Cecilia de León 

Laboratory Technologist

Zahiraliz Reyes 

Research Assistant


Myrna Vázquez

Research Assistant
Erick Miranda 

Research Assistant



Microbiology and Immunology Department Staff

Yolanda Nieves
Adminstrative Assistant I


Cristal Pollock
Administrative Assistant I


Contact Us

Microbiology and Immunology Department

Universidad Central del Caribe
PO Box 60327
Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00960-6032
Phone (787) 798-3001   x-2079
e-mail: cristal pollock@uccaribe.edu