What is life at the Universidad Central del Caribe?

Join us in an enriched environment comprehensively designed to support you in reaching your professional goals.


Counseling Office

Counseling services are available through the Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs.  The Counseling Office assists students in harnessing educational opportunities at the Universidad Central del Caribe, and thriving in their future professional goals.

Student Health Services

It is mandatory for every student to carry health insurance coverage.  Any student without a private health insurance is required to subscribe to the Institutional Health Insurance Plan through the Office of the Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs.   Students can access health services at the CUMIC or the HURRA emergency room while at the UCC.

Security on Campus

The UCC maintains private full-time security guards, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  The security system includes identification badges for all students and employees.  There are security cameras installed in critical traffic areas of the Basic Science Building and other facilities.
The most recently submitted Campus Crime Report documents no criminal activity on campus which is comparable to previous reports.  This tends to confirm that all of the security provisions, security systems and personnel that are in place are adequate to provide a safe study and learning environment for students, staff and faculty during and outside of regular duty and class hours on campus and at University Hospital.

Extracurricular Activities Program

Universidad Central del Caribe believes that students should be encouraged to develop an interest towards culture and the arts.  With this principle in mind, the Office of the Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs sponsors social and cultural activities for the student body.

Housing and Cafeteria Facilities

Housing facilities are not available within the Universidad Central del Caribe premises. Students who may need housing facilities are encouraged to visit the vicinity adjacent to the UCC where numerous apartments are available for rent.

  Student Organizations

The official body representing students at Universidad Central del Caribe is the General Student Council.  This Council is elected by the student body, as described in the General Student Rules and Regulations, with representation from all the academic programs.  Any group of students from UCC, has the right to constitute a student organization and be officially recognized. Any such organization may be of an academic, professional, cultural, recreational, social, athletic, or religious nature. Student organizations enrich UCC’s academic life and contribute to the achievement of academic and professional goals.

 Community Service

Involvement in the community is a key component of UCC’s mission.  As a health sciences institution one of the UCC’s main concerns is the betterment of the community we serve. Students and faculty have designed and coordinated extensive volunteer services within the community.  For instance, medical students conduct orientation classes on special preventive topics in public schools, carry out health clinics for the homeless, and participate in
TR1other health activities in the community.  The Longitudinal Primary Care Preceptorship Course (LPCP) requires students’ active participation in the community.  Students in the
Radiologic Technology Program participate in community health clinics, particularly those sponsored by the Shriners