Students wishing to be admitted to Universidad Central del Caribe must fulfill the following requirements

1.   File an institutional application with the Admission Office within the required time limit which can be obtained by writing to:
Universidad Central del Caribe
Admissions Office
PO Box 60327
Bayamón, PR 00960-6032

2.   Submit the necessary official transcripts, grades or certifications from accredited institutions.

3.   Take and submit the official scores of the corresponding test in accordance to the selected program.

4.   Achieve the minimum admission index established by the Admissions Committee according to the selected program.

5.   Submit the corresponding nonrefundable application fee.

6.   Submit the reference letters according to the program.

7.   A personal interview is required prior to consideration for admission with members of the faculty by invitation only.

8.   Original certificate of Police Record issued recently by the Police Department of the pertinent state or county.

9.   A recent 2 x 2 style photograph (optional).

10. Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in both Spanish and English. This is essential, since lectures are conducted in either language, even though Spanish is the predominant language of the Institution. Furthermore, the required clinical experience is mainly undertaken with Spanish speaking people.



Students wishing to be readmitted to Universidad Central del Caribe must adhere to the following:

1.  Students must apply for readmission if they interrupted their studies and did not attend the university for one semester or more, or as determined by the academic program. (Summer sessions do not count as interruptions).

2.   Students must complete the required number of credits hours for their year of study.

3.   Students must comply with the requirements of the study program of their choice as well as other general requirements that may apply.

4.   In order to be readmitted, the period of suspension for academic or disciplinary reasons must have elapsed.

5.   Candidates for readmission might be required to have an interview with the Admissions Committee. It is comprised of the Dean of Students or his representative, the Registrar, the Dean of Academic Affairs or his representative and the Department Chair. The Committee will have the final authority to recommend admissions of special cases.

6.   All readmission applications must be received 60 calendar days before the beginning of the session in which the student wants to continue his/her studies. Interested candidates should submit transcripts of any other coursework taken outside UCC during the time they were absent from the Program.


Transfer Students

Transfer students are considered for admission if they have followed a course of study in an accredited university and have successfully completed the credit hours in the institution from which they come. Their Grade Point Average (GPA) must not be below the institutional minimum required. The students must not be under academic or disciplinary sanction in the institution from which they come.

In order to be admitted, students wishing to transfer must meet the requirements of the Program of their choice. The Admissions Committee will evaluate the applications.


Admission Examinations

There are several web sites that might be of your interest to consult to seek information regarding various admission tests:

Medical College Admission Test:

Graduate level:
Graduate Record Examination:
Examen de Admisión a Estudios de Post Grado:

Undergraduate level:
College Board:


Students are encouraged to visit the link to the program of their choice for specific admission requirements.