The Admissions Office is responsible for the administration and coordination of the different admissions processes.  The Admissions Office assures confidentiality and integrity in the admissions processes in adherence with institutional and federal regulations.

The UCC confers degrees under the Medical Imaging Technology Program at the undergraduate level, in Biomedical Sciences and in Substance Abuse Counseling at the graduate level; and at the professional level the program conducing to the Doctor of Medicine degree and Doctor in Chiropractic.

UCC recognizes the right of all persons to work and to advance on the basis of their merit, ability and potential, and is therefore committed to taking any and all steps necessary to identify and alter policies, practices, or other institutional barriers which cause or perpetuate inequality or discrimination. It is the policy of this University to recruit, employ, and promote staff and to admit and serve students without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national and social origin, or handicap status.

Admissions Office Contact Information

Laurel Ave.
Urb. Santa Juanita
Bayamon, PR

PO Box 60327
Bayamon, PR, 00960-6032

Tel. 787-798-3001
Fax: 787-269-7550