The UCC maintains private full-time security guards, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  The security system includes identification badges for all students and employees.  There are security cameras installed in critical traffic areas of the Basic Science Building and other facilities.  Security staff is responsible for opening and closing all the facilities, classroom, and clinical outpatient facilities.  The institution provides temporary parking permits for visitors and control the access to UCC facilities at all times.

The university guards carry out preventive rounds within the buildings and in the parking areas. The university provides a golf cart, and there are reporting stations throughout the perimeter of the university grounds to document that the rounds are completed on a regular basis.  The gates to the main building and the administration building are closed at dusk.  The main entrance is secured by a guard who documents access to the grounds by persons entering the premises after hours or on weekends and holidays.  Security escort services are provided to faculty, medical students and staff as requested after dusk.

Fire alarms are strategically placed and receive periodic maintenance to guarantee proper functioning in case of a real emergency.  This also contributes to a safe study space.

The most recently submitted Campus Crime Report documents no criminal activity on campus which is comparable to previous reports.  This tends to confirm that all of the security provisions, security systems and personnel that are in place are adequate to provide a safe study and learning environment for students, staff and faculty during and outside of regular duty and class hours on campus and at University Hospital.

All clinical affiliates have in place their own security system including strict security measures and protocols.  Usually clinical affiliate’s security systems include restricted access to clinical care, Emergency rooms with restricted work areas, panic buttons, and anticrime safeguards.  Students rotating in the clinical affiliates receive the corresponding orientations regarding protections and security.  Students are requested to follow all security procedures in place at each clinical affiliate site.  At the time of completion of this database there is no record of any security breach adversely affecting the learning environment for students and faculty.