Janaina Alves, Ph.D.
Neural Progenitor Cells
Krishna Baksi, Ph.D.
Dol-P-Man Synthase: Modulation of Protein N-Glycosylation
Structure-Function Relationship of Muscarinic ToxinMT7
Jan Benedikt, Ph.D.
Bidirectional neuro-glial signaling in the hippocampus

Nawal Boukli, Ph.D.
Use of proteomics in the identification of disease biomarkers

Maria Bykhovskaia, Ph.D.
Synaptic vesicle cycling and plasticity

Rostislav Bychkov, Ph.D.
Vasomotion-brain blood vessel regulation

Ibis Carrión, Psy.D.
Effects of Drug Abuse
Linette Castillo, Ph.D.
Novel Therapeutics Against Aggresive Breast Cancers
Katherine L. Cook, Ph.D.
Determining the Role of Glucose Regulated Proteins (GRPs) in Breast Cancer
Luis Cubano, Ph.D.
Cytoskeletal organization
HIV Drug Resistance

Suranganie Dharmawardhane, Ph.D.
Effects of Resveratrol in breast cancer metastasis

Misty Eaton, Ph.D.
Functional Role of Potassium Channels in Astrocytes

Vesna Eterovic, Ph.D.
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

Fernando Entenza, M.D.
Alzheimer’s Epidemiology

Pedro Ferchmin, Ph.D.
Function of Nicotinic Receptors

Diana Fernandez, Ed.D.
HIV Risk reduction intervention as a secondary
HIV co-morbidity prevention.
Wanda Figueroa, M.D.
Immune restoration of HAART in HIV-infected
Puerto Rican children

Angelisa Franceschini, M.D.
PSA levels in Puerto Rican males

Richard M. Hann, M.D.
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors
Timothy J. Hendricks, Ph.D.
Molecular Neurobiology

Robert Hunter, M.D.
HIV/HCV co-infection

Mikhail Inyushin, Ph.D.
Neurobiology of Drug Addiction

Ramón Jorquera, Ph.D.
Ion Channels, Short-Term-Plasticity,
Synaptic Transmission and Vesicle Trafficking

Lilia Kucheryavykh, Ph.D.
Brain Cancer

Yuriy Kucheryavykh, Ph.D.
Neuronal-Glial Networks
Héctor Maldonado, Ph.D.
Caveolae and Caveolin Expression

Michelle M. Martínez Montemayor, Ph.D.
Breast cancer invasion, metastasis, and cancer cell survival

Antonio Henrique Baccin Martins, Ph.D.
Molecular basis of differentiation of rat neural progenitor cells
Angel Mayor, M.D.
Risk reduction intervention as a secondary
HIV co-morbidity prevention
Loyda B. Méndez, Ph.D.
Toxic effects of environmental pollutants
Miguel Otero, Ph.D.
Design and Development of DNA Vaccines against Infectious Diseases
Manu O. Platt, Ph.D.
Tissue remodeling in arteries due to sickle cell disease or HIV-infection,
Roles of proteases in tumor metastasis

Eddy Ríos Olivares, Ph.D., M.P.H.
HIV and HCV Pathogenesis

Amelia Rivera, Ph.D.
Nongenomic steroid actions in the immune system
Effects of Microgravity on the Immune System

José W. Rodríguez, Ph.D.
Cellular and Molecular immunology Mechanisms
Immunological Biomarkers and Immunotherapy of Chronic Diseases

Legier Rojas, Ph.D.
Acute of Thyroid Hormones Actions

Nadezhda Sabeva, Ph.D.
Morphology, function and vesicle cycling in neuromuscular junctions
Priscila Sanabria, Ph.D.
Endothelial Cell Biology
Ivan Santos, Ph.D.
Effects of exercise on behavior, synaptogenesis and gene expression
Lycely del C. Sepúlveda, Ph.D.
Microbial Diversity
Thomas Schikorski, Ph.D.
Morphology and function of brain synapses
Serguei Skatchkov, Ph.D.
Neuronal-Glial Networks
David R. Soto, Ph.D.
Cancer Biology and Radiation Oncology

Alexander Vasin, Ph.D.
Synaptic Transmission

Wanda Vélez, Ph.D.
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

Anthony Valance Washington, Ph.D.
Platelet Research
Astrid Zayas, Ph.D.
Optic Properties of Muller Cells