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Ph.D., 2003; St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg
ORCID #0000-0002-6572-5139

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“The role of glia in neuronal network remodeling after ischemic stroke in contralesional hemisphere”.

Stroke is the one of the major causes of death and long-term disability and is associated with neurological complications of different severity as motor and sensory deficits, memory and learning impairment and often persistent significantly later after stroke. However, the underlying mechanisms of these delayed neurological complications and recovery after stroke are not fully understood. Based on our preliminary studies and literature reports we hypothesize, that stroke leads to the neuronal network remodeling in the contralesional cortex causing delayed neurological complications and astrocytes are the key regulators of this remodeling mechanism. “Gap junctional communications in normal and malignant glia”. Gliomas are tumors of glial cell origin, with glioblastoma being one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer. Pathological changes in regulation, formation, and gating of connexin (Cx) gap junction channels and unapposed/nonjunctional hemichannels are recently highlighted in multiple CNS disorders. Many intracellular and extracellular factors are responsible for regulation of the Cxs, including intracellular acidification. For example during brain ischemia, it can significantly reduce communications between cells.

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