Financial Aid


The Financial Aid Office is located in the Deanship of Admissions and Student Affairs.  Its main goal is to provide access to the different sources of financial aid available to the student body in compliance with the United State Department of Education regulations. The following summary includes a description of the scholarships and loan opportunities available.  Detailed information regarding each program may be inquired at the Financial Aid Office.



Applying for Scholarship

Latino College Dollars
Sallie Mae Scholarships
Key Bank
USA Funds Scholarships
Money For College
Education Planner
Student Aids on the Web
Hispanic College Funds
UCC Scholarship Program


Study Loans

Applying for Student Aid

FAFSA on the Web
FAFSA on the Web
Create your own personal FSA ID
The Student Guide
US Department of Veterans
National Student Loan Data System
Selective Service Registration




Netprice Center



Calculating your student debt

Financial Aid Calculator
Loan Payment Calculator


Lender Services

Direct Loan
Private Loan 


Amounts for Loans

for Undergraduate Students (year)

Dependent Students Independent Students
1rst Year Subsidized $3,500 Subsidized $3,500 Unsub $2,000
2nd Year Subsidized $4,500 Subsidized $4,500 Unsub $2,000
3ed Year Subsidized $5,500 Subsidized $5,500 Unsub $2,000
4th Year Subsidized $5,500 Subsidized $5,500 Unsub $2,000


for Graduate Students (year)

Graduate-Master & Ph.D. Professional -MD
Unsubsidized $20,500 Unsubsidized $47,167



Informative Guide for Debt Management

Debt Management


Loan Consolidation

Debt Management
Direct Consolidation Loans



Acuse de Recibo


See our Financial Aid and Work & Study Program Broshure


Financial Aid Office Personnel

Edwin Sánchez
Financial Aid Director
Ext. 2409

Pedro Figueroa
Financial Aid Officer
Ext. 2408