GPBS Application

The following information is necessary for complete the application:  
  • Personal Information
  • Research Experience Information
  • Statement of Purpose (Essay)
  • GRE Score (if already taken)

Reference Letter

Graduation Requirements
  1. Grade index: 3.0 or above
  2. Credits: As stipulated by the program of study, 72 credits minimum
  3. Residence: A minimum of 36 credits must be completed at UCC
  4. Time limitations: A maximum of 7 years to satisfy all the requirements
  5. Candidacy Examination: Required of all students
  6. Dissertation defense: Required of all students
  7. Authorship: First author in at least one (1) manuscript or co-author in at least two (2) manuscripts accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal
Program Cost
$8,900 per year*  Cost vary according to number of credits.