The “Legacy Society” Donors

The Legacy Society is a philanthropic group committed to fundraising efforts to benefit the UCC School of Medicine Scholarship Fund. When you make your commitment to grant a scholarship award for four consecutiveRead More…


New Tax Incentives for Donors

Make your donation to the UCC Scholarship Fund before December 31st*, to benefit from incentives offered and deductions allowed by the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Tax Code. Act 1 approved on JanuaryRead More…


Scholarships Recipients

Our students make us proud through their achievements in the health field, elevating the institution name and reputation. We are most confident that our students will continue to set an example ofRead More…


Thank you for your Gift!

The Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) has long thrived thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends. We are forever in debt to all of you for your continued support.  


Friends of the UCC Mural

The “Friends of the UCC” Mural has as its objective the strengthening of the institution’s Endowment Fund. This initiative consists in placing your name or message in the mural, by making aRead More…


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 Location: Universidad Central del Caribe Ave. Laurel #100, Santa Juanita, Bayamon, Puerto Rico Postal Address: PO BOX 60327 Bayamon, Puerto Rico 00960-6032 Telephone: (787) 798-3022 Deanship for Institutional Development and StrategicRead More…


How to Make a Gift

On behalf of all of us who work at the UCC, we greatly appreciate and are most grateful for your donation. With your contribution we advance our institutional agenda benefiting future generations.Read More…


Giving Oportunities

The best legacy we can leave to future generations is education. With this in mind, the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) has embarked on various initiatives whose objectives are to nurture andRead More…