The best legacy we can leave to future generations is education. With this in mind, the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) has embarked on various initiatives whose objectives are to nurture and sustain the institution.
Law 1 approved on January 31st, 2011, constitutes the new Internal Revenue Tax Code, which allows corporations and individuals to take as deductions donations to non-profit institutions. The law allows a larger deduction to individuals and corporations making donations to non-profit institutions, among which are educational, community- and faith-based organizations.

The UCC Endowment Fund

Permanent in character, its return destined to give support to those university projects which without your help would be difficult if not impossible to realize. By making your donation to this fund, you are actively contributing to relieving the institution’s needs and those of future health professionals. When you contribute to the Endowment Fund, you assist in our priorities, which are:
• Award scholarships to students
• Strengthen the technological infrastructure
• Improve the institution’s physical facilities
• Lend support to scientific research


Direct Scholarship Fund

To counteract the existing situation that financial aid for medical students in Puerto Rico is insufficient, the UCC and its Board of Directors have launched various initiatives. As opposed to the Scholarship Fund, wherein only the yields are utilized, the Scholarship Funds raised are granted in their entirety at the commencement of each academic year.


You are invited to learn about how you can help us achieve our goals

Dr. Eric M. Gonzalez Morales Scholarship

The Dr. Eric M. Gonzalez Morales Scholarship is intended to financially support students enrolled at the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC), meeting eligibility criteria such as: low-income and being first-generation of specialty in their family. This scholarship arises from the interest of Dr. Gonzalez in continuing to promote the wellbeing of the students of the UCC and the institutional development of his Alma Mater.

Annual Campaign

Make your impact count every year… Help us make a difference every day, every year…. no matter the amount, your help is most valuable to us.
Donation Options:____$50 ____$100 ____$200 ____$ other

Friends of the UCC Mural

Consists of the placement of commemorative plaques forming a permanent Mural located in the UCC Basic Sciences Building.
Donation Options:___$500 ___$1,000 ___$5,000

Legacy Society

Consisting of a four-year commitment to awarding student scholarships. As a member, you will have the following benefits:

  • Up to a maximum of 24 credits of continuing medical education in printed modules, (only applies to donations over $1,000).

  • Access to specialized medical journals through our Electronic Library. (eg New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, etc)

  • Recognition as a donor on all our social platforms.

  • Two (2) professional massages, free of charge, through the University Center for Integral and Complementary Medicine. (CUMIC)

  • Benefit of incentives and deductions offered by the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code to all donations. (“Law 1- 2011”)

  • Satisfaction of having contributed to a noble cause

Donation Options:
___$500 annually for 4 years
___$1,000 annually for 4 years
___$3,000 annually for 4 years
___$5,000 annually for 4 years

Direct Scholarships

The UCC’s direct scholarship fund is awarded to all students enrolled in our academic programs: Medical Images Technology Program, Substance Abuse Counseling Program, Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences, School of Chiropractic and School of Medicine.

Emergency Fund

The UCC Deanship of Students has identified the need to assist students with limited resources that do not have the financial means to cover essential expenses related to their academic work. For these purposes, an emergency fund was created, receiving donations from employees, faculty and graduates. There is no small gift… any amount will be appreciated.

How to Make a Gift

On behalf of all of us who work at the UCC, we greatly appreciate and are most grateful for your donation. With your contribution we advance our institutional agenda benefiting future generations. For your convenience, you can make your donation by phone, Credit Card, Debit Card, online utilizing Pay Pal, or by mailing your check payable to:

Universidad Central del Caribe
Institutional Development Office
PO Box 60327
Bayamón, PR 00960-6032

Call us and we can help you through the process at:
(787) 798-3001, extensions 2315, 2316 y 2317

Donation Form
(Credit and Debit cards)

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