Location: Basic Science Building (2nd Floor)

This core area houses major equipment such as ultracentrifuges, freezers, spectrophotometers, gamma counters, etc., as well as the centralized cell culture facility.  The unit fosters equipment sharing, centralizes maintenance of equipment, and provides repair for the equipment of all the projects.  The unit also has an electronics shop and a machine shop.  The Electronic Shops service helps with the repair and calibration of both CIAS and UCC research laboratories and departments.  Services also include assessment, advisory on equipment acquisition, user training, software development using the NI Labview Platform. There is a Facilities Monitoring System to keep tabs on equipment performance throughout all UCC buildings.  The system provides early warning about deteriorating conditions and avoid costly losses in both research materials and specimen and other clients both internal and external. 

Equipment available at the facility includes: Fisher Fume Hood, Centrifuges (Beckman Models, J2-21, L-7, Allegra 6R, and Avanti J-25), Beckman LS6500 Liquid Scintillation Counter, Perkin Elmer, Beckman DU-520 UV/VIS, Pharmacia Biotec Genequant II, Barnstead Models MP-11 and MP-6 Water Distillers, Millipore Milli Q, 4 Thermal Cyclers (Applied Biosystems Geneamp PCR 2700, Perkin Elmer 480, BioRad iCycler REal Time PCR System, Roche Lightcycler), two Cyostats (Leica Cryocut 1860), uOsmet Osmometer, Fisher FS-14 Ultrasonic Bath, Panasonic -80 Freezer, Fisher Dry Ice Maker, Beckman LS-50B Fluorometer with plate reader upgrade, Biorad ChemiDoc Gel Documentation System, Pellco Biowave Tissue processor with EM Kit, Tuttnauer Autoclave, Spectramax ID3 Plate Reader, Labconco Biological Safety Cabinet, Forma Scientific Biological Safety Cabinet, Savant Speedvac, BioRad CFX Connect.

About the Machine Shop it helps in the manufacturing and/or repair of laboratory apparatus, specialized fabrication jobs and assessment to the UCC as a whole providing expertise and solutions.  Among the equipment there are a Milling Machine, a Lathe and all the necessary accessories for performing virtually any job to help the research effort.

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Mr. Gabriel Sierra
Biomedical Technician
x. 2039

Mr. Arvin Colón
Machine Specialist
x. 2040 or x.2100