IRESA has contributed in the Scientific research field in the following areas:

  • Clinical and demonstrative research site (e.g., Clinical Trial – Brief Strategic Family Therapy [BSFT]).

  • Epidemiologic surveillance and monitor for drug use among adolescents in school.

  • Key resource in the presentation of HIV infection among persons with substance use disorders.

  • Supporter in the development of intervention models to reduce HIV risk behaviors by promoting substance use treatment engagement and retention among those individuals using substances.

  • Consultant in the implications and interpretations of data on substance use the correlations and consequences that have strengthened the education/teaching/methods and intervention in the substance use field.

  • Developer of peer-reviewed publications, articles, and presentations related to substance use disorders and behavioral health field.

  • Developer of an evidence-based practice for HIV prevention, Modelo de Intervención Psicomédica(MIP), included in the DEBIs on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Effectivity of behavioral health intervention to improve the quality of life in Latinas receiving combined substance use disorders and trauma-specific treatment.