The Clinical Research Center of the Universidad Central del Caribe (CRCUCC) is a brand-new facility prepared and certified to perform clinical research studies within the UCC. This facility has personnel, physical, and administrative resources to support clinical trials in different medical areas.

The CRCUCC is located in the Plaza Laurel Shopping at the Laurel Avenue # 100 at Santa Juanita, Bayamon Puerto Rico, and has the following facilities: Main entrance; twenty-five parking spaces; one spacious waiting room; one reception area with the COVID 19 prevention requirements; one unisex bathrooms; one conference room that could be used for monitoring visits; one director room office; one coordinator room office where the study is introduce and explain to the potential participant and where the consent are obtain; one exam (PI) room for clinical research-related procedures; one room for samples collection processing and storing, a space to performed the laboratory procedure and to stored lab kits and study material; one record room, a research space for regulatory and clinical documentation (subject charts and regulatory binders); and one storage closet. The CRCUCC has control access to ensure safety and confidentiality of the studies.

The CRCUCC is also equipped with: Two computers, one regular centrifuge calibrated, two -20 Freezer Calibrated / with temperature log, two Refrigerators Calibrated/ with temperature log, two ambient Thermometer Calibrates / with temperature logs, calibrated 24/ 7 temperature surveillance system with alarm, one calibrated scale, one calibrated EKG, two calibrated blood pressure machine, one crash cart with its element s and one file cabinet.

For further information please contact Dr Angel Mauricio Mayor, director of CRCUCC, by e-mail: or by phone 787-787-8722 or 787-878-8710