Research Projects:

1. Characteristics and Tendencies of a COVID-19 Vaccinated Hispanic Cohort

• Principal Investigators: Humberto R. Nieves Jiménez & Andrea Firpo Pabón
• Mentor: Eric M. González Morales, MD, MPH

2. Analyzing Risk Factors, Tolerability, and Predictions in COVID-19 Vaccinated Patients Who Experienced Adverse Reactions

• Principal Investigators: Ernesto J. Vázquez Nevárez & Humberto R. Nieves
• Mentor: Isis Silvestrini, MD

3. Hesitancy, Intent, and Determinants of Acceptance for COVID-19 Vaccination in Puerto
Rico: A National Assessment

• Principal Investigators: Pedro J. Rodríguez Ramírez & Humberto R. Nieves
• Mentor: Waleska Crespo Rivera, DrPH, MHSA

4. Factors Determining the Likelihood of Pregnant Women Accepting the Administration
of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Puerto Rico

• Principal Investigators: Natalie M. Machargo Carlo & Camelia M. Del Valle Torres
• Mentor: Juan L. Salgado Morales, MD

5. Mental Health and Stress Levels Among Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Populations
Against COVID-19

• Principal Investigators: Fabiola I. Umpierre Lebrón & Ángel M. Negrón Pantoja
• Mentor: Luz Nereida Ramos Vargas, PhD., M.H.S.

6. Pilot project: Molecular Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico, During Summer 2021

• Principal Investigator: Fabiola Cruz López
• Mentor: David Rivera, PhD

7. Effects of COVID-19 Vaccination in a Puerto Rican cohort of HIV-positive Hispanics

• Principal Investigator: Ginette N. González Ramírez
• Mentor: David Rivera, PhD

8. Second-dose Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccine Across All Age Groups in Puerto Rican
Population: A Cross-Sectional Study

• Principal Investigators: Ginette N. González Ramírez & María V. Ríos Sánchez
• Mentor: Iris Parrilla Boria, PhD

9. A Report of the Musculoskeletal & Rheumatic Impact of the COVID-19 Vaccine in the
Population of Puerto Rico

• Principal Investigators: Gerardo E. Sánchez Navarro & Humberto R. Nieves
• Mentor: Bárbara Riestra, PhD

10. Incidence and Characteristics of Cutaneous Reactions Following Pfizer-BioNTech and
Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Reported in the Adult Population Living in
Puerto Rico

• Principal Investigators: Pamela A. Merheb Finianos & Laura I. Ortiz-López
• Mentor: David Rivera, PhD

11. The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the Deaf Adult Community’s Accessibility to Healthcare Services in Puerto Rico

• Principal Investigators: Fabiola Fontanet Jaime & Luis E. Hernández Rodríguez
• Mentor: Maricarmen Cruz Jiménez, MD

12. Prevalence of Olfactory and Gustatory Dysfunctions After COVID-19 Recovery: A Cross-Sectional Study of the Puerto Rican Population

• Principal Investigators: Kileisha G. Alicea Ríos, María E. Méndez Valentín & Fabiel
P. Morales Fontán
• Mentor: Isis Silvestrini, MD

13. Potential Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines on Menstruation

• Principal Investigators: Bianca P. Meléndez Nieves & Natalia N. Prats Figueroa
• Mentor: Alfonso Serrano, MD

14. Views on Parents’ and Guardians’ Acceptability or Refusal of a Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine in Puerto Rico

• Principal Investigators: Addyth G. Miranda Valle & Gisselle M. Freytes Terrada
• Mentor: Wanda Figueroa, MD

15. Impact of the COVID-19 Vaccine on the Quality of Life of Adults After Vaccination

• Principal Investigators: Carlos V. López Aquino & Jean A. Pérez Verdejo
• Mentor: David Rivera, PhD

16. The Influence of Pre-existing Chronic Diseases on the Prevalence of COVID-19 Vaccine
Second-dose Side Effects in Puerto Ricans Aged 65 and Older

• Principal Investigators: Ginette N. González Ramírez & Laura F. Gómez Guzmán
• Mentor: David Rivera, PhD