The LIRC actually has several project running to guaranty the quality of learning alternativas services in the UCC. Please be patient.

Projects in Progress (2013-2014)

  • Cost effective backup (onsite or moving to the cloud?)
  • ResearchGate as Collaborative Research Project at UCC.
  • mobileUCC.
  • Integrating WordPress as tool in education.
  • Assembly and maintenance of Hardware including PCs.
  • Integrating Videoconference PRTCRT consortium
  • “LoansomeDoc” original publications direct access for Academics.
  • Virtual Patients (online applications)
  • Electronic Calendar (all Classrooms)
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response of the UCC (EPRofUCC)
  • Actualizing Academics with online Presentations (Transforming old formats in electronic format).
  • Getting information during Clinical Residency (see advances in uccmd).
  • “Jenzabar” as administrative environment (see general aspects of the Institutional Communication).
  • Continues Renewing the UCC webpage
  • Seminar Series Integrating Students to the LIRC: Impact of web2.0 in Medicine (to be presented September 2013).
  • Producing Ipad and Iphone Apps (a) Translating Popular language to Medical definitions, (b) Easy phone call to UCC, (c) Activating the Emergency System.
  • Integrating eBooks as a tool in the Human Resources Office (Issuu, Simpleboklet, etc.)
  • Planning the LIRC-Institutional Business (LIRC-IB).

Projects Running (2013-2014):