The Information System and Telecommunication Unit (ISTU) have several functions. It provides the users a single point of contact, to receive help on various computer issues. The ISTU typically manages its requests via Phone Call Requests and Help Desk Software, such as a Numara Track-It or SysAid Technologies, that allows us to track user requests with a unique number. This gives the ISTU the ability to monitor the user environment for issues from technical problems to user preferences and satisfaction. The ISTU maintain the Internet, WiFi, give technical services (PC maintenance and assembly), software support, IP telephony and many other tasks.

Deskside team (Ext. 2342)

The deskside team is responsible for the desktops, laptops, and peripherals, such as PDAs. They set up and configure computers for new users and are typically responsible for any physical work relating to the computers such as repairing software or hardware issues and moving workstations to another location.