There are a number of ways you can report a technical problem related to the UCC Campus and HURRA Clinical Campus: Call us 5 days a week at UCC Campus extensions 2303 or 2304 from 8:30am to 5:30pm or Email to UCC Help Desk (


How to place a Ticket

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Place a TICKET

You can alternatively use the Contact Us Tap in the upper right part of the site.

In order to receive quick resolution, please be ready to provide us with specific information. This can include:

  • – Any specific error message the computer may be giving you
  • -The name and possibly version of the program you’re using
  • – The type of computer you’re using (e.g. Windows, Macintosh, laptop, desktop)
  • – Good contact information from you or anyone else that may be able to answer our questions about the problem
  • -Please contact us from the computer that’s experiencing the problem or PC/Application error messages
  • – we may need to gather extra information from the system or account.

We know that technical problems can be incredibly frustrating and will work to help you as quickly and easily as possible. To help us provide optimal service, please be prepared and willing to answer questions or follow troubleshooting steps.

We appreciate your patience!
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