The Learning and Information Resources Center, is the central core in which the Universidad Central del Caribe deploy information and, give technical support to our Academics, Administrators and Students.

In the Learning and Information Resources Center we are in charge of the electronic communication, internet, web-mail, and other resources and services such as the library. Those services are highly important to maintain the educational high level achieved in our University.

We have incorporated new methods of interactions with our community based in the trends in the online and offline exchanges between Teachers and Learners and we are improved the interactions along our Community by using alternatively the “Cloud Computing”.

The LIRC advances are highly important because as the technology has been developed and new methods of educational ways arise encourages us to use these new methodological alternatives. Thus actualized teaching and learning theories have been incorporated as new dimension into our learning resources centers. Concordantly the library is being continuously updated to offer online and offline e-books and e-documents services to our community.

We are proud to offer these new dimensions of educational alternatives!