The LIRC actually has several project running to guaranty the quality of learning alternativas services in the UCC. Please be patient.

Projects in Progress (2013-2014)

  • Cost effective backup (onsite or moving to the cloud?)
  • ResearchGate as Collaborative Research Project at UCC.
  • mobileUCC.
  • Integrating WordPress as tool in education.
  • Assembly and maintenance of Hardware including PCs.
  • Integrating Videoconference PRTCRT consortium
  • “LoansomeDoc” original publications direct access for Academics.
  • Virtual Patients (online applications)
  • Electronic Calendar (all Classrooms)
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response of the UCC (EPRofUCC)
  • Actualizing Academics with online Presentations (Transforming old formats in electronic format).
  • Getting information during Clinical Residency (see advances in uccmd).
  • “Jenzabar” as administrative environment (see general aspects of the Institutional Communication).
  • Continues Renewing the UCC webpage
  • Seminar Series Integrating Students to the LIRC: Impact of web2.0 in Medicine (to be presented September 2013).
  • Producing Ipad and Iphone Apps (a) Translating Popular language to Medical definitions, (b) Easy phone call to UCC, (c) Activating the Emergency System.
  • Integrating eBooks as a tool in the Human Resources Office (Issuu, Simpleboklet, etc.)
  • Planning the LIRC-Institutional Business (LIRC-IB).

Projects Running (2013-2014):


The following list includes those websites and/or subdomains completed or in process, in the UCC’ website and that are being developed the LIRC personnel. UCC web site (done by Mr. Roberto López) Learning and Information Resources Center’ Web site (requested by Dr. Legier Rojas) Feast (Title V project – done by Mrs. Caresly Sepulveda) Neuroscience …

Research at UCC

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Live@edu -Cloud Computing-

The Cloud computing services at the UCC After consulting with several UCC-community members and comparing two possible alternatives (Google apps and Live@edu) we decide to implement the migration of the email service to the cloud services of email offered by “Live@edu”. Before the definitive migration we put in place a pilot test of this service that …