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The mission of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences is to provide a rigorous and stimulating research and training environment for UCC students. Our students provide the intellectual resources needed to advance the research and educational goals of the institution and to provide a new generation of scientists.  The faculty is committed to excellence in interdisciplinary research training for qualified candidates who will continue to advance the fundamental knowledge needed to conquer disease and promote health and improved quality of life for all people. The knowledge and skills acquired will enable the graduate to be successful in biomedical research conducted at universities, government and private industry laboratories, as well as in education.  The Program also prepares the graduate for advanced training and research.

In the pursuit of this goal, there are departmental research laboratories furnished with high quality equipment, supported by service and administrative areas in each department.  A common instrumentation laboratory, a tissue culture laboratory, an electromechanical shop, an immunoretrovirology laboratory core facility and a radioisotope laboratory supplement the above space.  Each department is equipped with computer facilities.


Graduate Program News:


Ismael Santiago and Agustín González made presentations at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

Ismael Santiago and Agustin Gonzalez-Ruiz, two graduate students in the Neuroscience PhD program, made presentations at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA.  Ismael Santiago presented “Roles of VAMP7 in Drosophila Synaptic Transmission” while Agustin Gonzalez-Ruiz presented “Synapsin Null Increases Calcium Sensitivity of Vesicle Fusion and Alter Short-Term Synaptic Memory at Drosophila NMJ².  This is the most recent work of the students dealing with Exo/Endocytosis.  Both students are investigating independent molecular mechanisms of synaptic vesicle trafficking, a crucial process to sustain neuronal communication, immune responses and hormone releases.  Congratulations to both students and their mentor Dr. Ramón Jorquera.

Congratulations Gabriela Zabala for been selected to participate in a NIH Internship

Gabriela Zabala[1]Gabriela Zabala was selected for the 2016 Graduate Summer Opportunity to Advance Research (GSOAR) Program at the National Institutes of Health.

The goal of GSOAR is to give students an opportunity to work full-time in a state-of-the-art research environment learning modern research techniques.  Students also receive training on topics including improving scientific presentation skills, professional writing, and career readiness as well time management and how to network effectively.

Gabriela is a student in the UCC Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences.


Graduate Student Accomplishments

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