The Master of Health Sciences in Substance Abuse Counseling will train you to provide excellent services in the field of counseling for people with substance use disorders. In addition, it will provide academic experiences to counselors to develop competencies to plan, monitor, administer and evaluate treatment and prevention services programs in the field of substance use by public and private organizations.

The Program will allow students to:

  • Develop competencies to provide effective substance abuse counseling to individuals, groups and families according to their needs and resources.

  • Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in the management of Substance Abuse Programs.

Graduates of the Master of Health Sciences in Counseling Substance Abuse may:

  • Demonstrate the competent provision of substance abuse counseling services to individuals, families and groups.

  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitudes that improve the effectiveness of the interdisciplinary team, working on substance abuse programs.

  • Demonstrate ethical behavior and professional commitment as substance abuse counselors, as well as in their roles in managing substance abuse programs.

  • Promote the provision of effective and human services to substance abuse clients, their families and other members of the community.

  • Demonstrate competencies in the supervision of substance abuse counseling services and the administration of substance abuse programs.

  • Access and implement the results of current scientific studies to your field of expertise.

The UCC has funds to grant scholarships and stipends for professionals interested in enrolling in the Master of Health Sciences in Substance Abuse Counseling for the next academic year 2016-17. The funds come from Grant # G02HP27970 of the Health Resourses and Services Administration (HRSA), Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training for Professionals and Paraprofessionals Program.