Academic Director of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2011; Rutgers University (New Jersey)
ORCID #0000-0002-5959-3184

Academic Department(s)
Microbiology and Immunology

Research Area
Molecular Immunology, Viral-Immunology

Current Projects
We are currently studying the role of a C-type lectin receptor in the activation of signaling pathways in human lymphocytes. We are interested in understanding how this receptor controls cellular functions in response to recognizing certain viral antigens and how this affects the development of disease and inflammation.

We are also collaborating in a project from the University of Nebraska that intends to identify novel and comprehensive biomarkers of HIV-induced neurocognition in patients that inject drugs.

Availability for Students
At the moment we are not actively recruiting students


Non-peer reviewed
1. A. Valentín Acevedo. ¿Es nuestra responsabilidad vacunarnos? (Is it our responsibility to get vaccinated). November 24, 2015. El Nuevo Día (online version).

2. A. Valentín Acevedo. La ley y el derecho a vacunar (The law and the right to vaccinate). November 25, 2015. El Nuevo Día (online version).

Contact Information
Universidad Central del Caribe
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Bayamón, PR 00960-6032
Tel.: (787) 798-3001 x 2084