Ph.D. 1990, Uni. Texas Southwestern Medical School
ORCID #0000-0001-5968-5727

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Research Area
Functional Role of Potassium Channels in Astrocytes

Research Interest

Astrocytic potassium channels and epilepsy
Astrocytic potassium channels and ischemia
Astrocytic potassium channels and diabetes

Dr. Eaton’s current research focuses on how dysfunction of astrocytic potassium channels provides a link between diabetes and epilepsy and ischemia-induced brain damage. Diabetics (particularly those with poorly controlled blood glucose) are likely to suffer a stroke and the brain damage that occurs may be more severe or extensive if blood glucose levels are high when a stroke happens. In addition, uncontrolled hyperglycemia (diabetes) increases the susceptibility to epileptiform activity and seizures but the mechanism is still unknown.


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