Location: Basic Sciences Building (1rst Floor) and basement

The OIF facility provides microscope-based systems and complementary resources necessary to carry out successful live cell, single, double, and triple fluorescence imaging.  The facility equipment located on the 1st floor of the Basic Sciences (BS) building includes upright and inverted light microscopes equipped for transmitted light (brightfield, phase contrast & DIC) and epifluorescence imaging.  The OIF also include an Olympus Flouview 1000 confocal laser scanning microscope located at the BS basement.  The Fluoview 1000 is a three-laser confocal microscope that acquires simultaneous or sequential high-resolution fluorescence images from thick specimens (20-200 microns).  In addition, the OIF have three online and two offline licenses of the Molecular Devices image analysis software MetaMorph®.  The software contains various application modules that provide quantitative morphometric analysis used for cell counting, assessing cell cycle, cell migration, cell viability, apoptosis, cytotoxicity, motion analysis and particle tracking.

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