Research Projects:

  • The role of a natural neuroprotective compound known as 4R cembranoid during LPS-induced neuroinflammation in mice.

  • Neuroprotection against Gulf War Illness by an alpha 7 nicotinic Acetylcholine receptor modulator.

  • Development and characterization of a mouse model of Gulf War Illness.

  • Ex vivo models of Gulf War Illness Allow for Mechanistic Studies and the Search for Antidotes.

  • Preparation and Characterization of a Nicotine-free Neuroprotective Extract from Fresh Tobacco.

  • The systemic source of Beta-amyloid peptides in different health complications, like cancers, stroke, glaucoma, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases, multiple sclerosis.

  • The mechanism of optical transparency in vivo of different animal tissues.

  • The regulation of transporters located in astrocytes that control the excess/lack of some vitally important neuroamines, particularly-dopamine.

  • Leukemia Inhibitor Factor: a neuroprotective cytokine aiding current antiretroviral therapies in preserving neurocognitive integrity affected by synaptic injury

  • 4R-cembranoid Role in hippocampal-dependent cognition and neurogenesis in middle-aged mice.

  • Therapeutic Potential of Irbesartan in Stroke Outcome.