The meaning of philanthropy can be described in many ways. It is caring and sharing. It is giving and serving. It is our individual response to the human need, your opportunity to get involved. It is a voluntary giving to promote the common good and if you attended the UCC, you may want to give back to the place that fostered your education and growth.  You can make the difference. Large or small, your gifts to UCC have a ripple effect, combining with others to expand our possibilities for greatness. Whether or not you’re a UCC graduate, maybe you want to help create new opportunities for the next generation of students. Giving demonstrates a powerful commitment to make things happen now.
We invite you to explore and learn more about the programs and initiatives that you can support with your donation. The best legacy we can leave to future generations is education. With this in mind, the Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) has embarked on various initiatives whose objectives are to nurture and sustain the institution.
To know more about our giving opportunities, please access the Giving Opportunities link.

How to Make a Gift

On behalf of all of us who work at the UCC, we greatly appreciate and are most gratefull for your donation. With your contribution we advance our institutional agenda benefiting future generations. For your convenience, you can make your donation by phone, online utilizing Pay Pal, or by mailing your check payable to:

Universidad Central del Caribe
PO Box 60327
Bayamón, PR 00960-6032
Call us and we can help you through the process at:

(787) 798-3001, extensions 2315, 2316 y 2317
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Deanship of Institutional Development & Strategic Planning

Mildred Rivera Marrero
Dean of Institutional Development & Strategic Planning
Ext. 2315

Elizabeth Perez
Institutional Development and Alumni Affairs Officer
Ext. 2317

Rosa Melba Cintron
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 2316

Contact Information

Deanship of Institutional Development & Strategic Planning 

(787) 798–3022
(787) 798-3001
Fax: (787) 798 – 3044

Universidad Central del Caribe
Institutional Development and Alumni Deanship
PO Box 60327
Bayamón, PR 00960-6032