Do you have a passion for emergency cardiac care education? Join us as a BLS, ACLS and/or PALS Instructor.

Phase 1

* Meet with the TC Coordinator and bring the following documents:
1. Instructor Candidate Application
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Provider-level AHA card(s)
4. Complete the applicable Instructor Essentials
5. Registro de Comerciante – Departamento de Hacienda (paper version here) – Optional but strongly required.
6. Transfer Request Form (for AHA instructors transferring from another TC)

* You are welcome to come to our regular, provider-level training sessions in order to familiarize with the training methodology, skills evaluations, equipment, audiovisual equipment and paperwork.

Phase 2

* Complete a discipline-specific instructor course (Heartsaver, BLS, ACLS and/or PALS), offered every 2 months at our center.
All candidates must have their own instructor manual for this class (purchased individually, or part of an Instructor Package). You can purchase the instructor manual through any of the official AHA distributors at Laerdal, Channing Bete or Worldpoint.

Phase 3

* Be monitored by one of our TC Faculty members.

*Note: Core Instructor Course is no longer required.

Instructor Renewal Forms

1. Instructor TCF Renewal Checklist
2. AHA Instructor Monitor Form

Download your copy of the 2012 PAM – International Version here.

How to Become a TC Faculty Member

The TC Faculty member assists in improving the level of quality instruction within the TC. All TCF are responsible for quality assurance. The TCF are the educational leadership of the TC. All TCs shoud appoint at least one TCF. The TCF conducts instructor-level courses in the TC in which was appointed. The TC Coordinator reserves the right to select the TCF, and as many TCF per discipline as deemed necessary.

All potential TCF should meet the following criteria:

1. Active instructor (BLS, ACLS, PALS) for a minimum of two years.
2. Willing to participate in a TCF orientation and AHA regional updates.
3. Has received positive evaluations of teaching ability from students.
4. Fill out the TC Faculty Application form.

1. Conducts instructor courses
2. Acts as a change agent to facilitate transitions in the ECC program.
3. Supports the Chain of Survival initiatives in the community.
4. Oversees quality assurance at the TC level.
5. Monitors instructor’s teaching abilities and completes required documentation.
6. Monitors Course Directors.
7. TC Quality Management