Research Programs

Preparing Future Faculty: RISEing to the Challenge

The Preparing Future Faculty Program will be developed by Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) to train Ph.D. candidates in biomedical research and in educational methodology, to prepare them for future careers as academic scientist and educators.  Recruitment of trainees will be easily accomplished, since nearly all students at UCC are members of groups underrepresented in the sciences (Hispanic and economically disadvantaged)
Contact Information
Misty Eaton, Ph.D.
787-798-3001 ext. 2034
Aníbal Valentin, Ph.D.
787-798-3001 ext. 2084

Title V Cooperative with UPR-RCM

The Title V Cooperative Agreement between the UPR Medical Sciences Campus and UCC is funded by the Department of Education. The main goal of this consortium is to reduce minority health disparities through the development and support of Clinical and Translational Research.  The project aims for the development of undergraduate students as potential candidates for graduate training in clinical and translational research with the responsibility and commitment to offer Hispanic students in Puerto Rico the best opportunities to obtain an education that will empower them to pursue graduate degrees in the health sciences.

Contact Information
Dr. José R. Moscoso-Álvarez
787-798-3001 ext. 2330

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