Prehospital Medicine

This elective is provides senior-level students with an experience in prehospital emergency medicine, which allows the student to be among the first members of the health team to evaluate undifferentiated patients. Students are exposed to a wide variety of experience with prehospital providers within the San Juan Greater Metropolitan Area.

During this elective, students will take an ACLS course, complete a Blackboard course in prehospital medicine and do two 8-hr shifts with FREMS, an urban prehospital medicine response team.

At the end of this elective, the student will be able to:

  1. List and describe the components of a modern EMS system.
  2. Describe the levels of training and clinical practice available and necessary in EMS.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to properly select the most appropriate level of EMS care (BLS, ALS or critical care) given a patient scenario.
  4. Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal communication skills with the various levels of clinicians involved in EMS and Disaster Management.
  5. Describe the process by which calls for service are received, triaged and dispatched using modern emergency medical dispatchers and computer aided dispatch systems.
  6. Understand the components of a disaster plan.