Student Support Services


Counseling & Guidance Services

Counseling services are available through the Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs. The Guidance and Counseling Program is aimed at assisting students to take maximum advantage of the educational opportunities at the Universidad Central del Caribe, and to contribute to their success in their future professional goals.


Learning and Information Resources Center (LIRC)

At the heart of Universidad Central del Caribe’s academic life, lies the Learning and Information Resources Center (LIRC). The LIRC serves through its many ventures students, faculty, researchers, administrators and the community at large. The LIRC houses four interconnected operational units that serve the multidimensional academic life at the University, including the Dr. Arturo L. Carrion Pacheco library, Continuing and Distance Education Unit; Technological Resources Unit, and the Information Systems and Telecommunications Unit.

Orientations, consultation and professional development activities are continuously delivered to keep UCC constituents at the forefront in the advanced technologies that support the three pillars of the institutional mission: excellence in education, clinical services and research.


Health Care Services

It is mandatory for every student to carry health insurance coverage. Any student without a private health insurance is required to subscribe to the Institutional Health Insurance Plan through the Office of the Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs. Students can access health services at the CUMIC or the HURRA emergency room while at the UCC.


Extracurricular Activities Progam

Universidad Central del Caribe believes that students should be encouraged to develop an interest towards culture and the arts. With this principle in mind, the Office of the Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs sponsors social and cultural activities for the student body.