Student Organizations

Any group of students from UCC, has the right to constitute a student organization and be officially recognized. Any such organization may be of an academic, professional, cultural, recreational, social, athletic, or religious nature. Student organizations enrich UCC’s academic life and contribute to the achievement of academic and professional goals.



Ariel Grajales Cruz

Faculty Committee Representative:

Ivia E. Rivera
Belmarie Rodríguez
Fernando Morell
Aliana Bofill

SOM Curriculum Committee Representatives:

Raisa Torres
Glorivette San Vicente
Rubén Guadalupe

Biomedical Sciences Curriculum Committee Representative

Pedro Feliciano

Technological Radiology Faculty Committee Representatives:

Ariam Silva
Stephanie Sobrino

Research Committee Representative:

Rocio Garriga

Assessment Student Committee Representative:

Cesar Carballo

Administration Committee Representative:

Carlos Weber

Library Committee Representative:

David Atkins