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 Iris Pagán Ríos, M. Ed.
Healthy and Positive Engagement Education (HAPEE)

What is HAPEE?

Healthy and Positive Engagement Education (HAPEE) is a project sponsored by the Family and Youth Services Bureau under funding announcement HHS-2020-ACF-ACYF-SR-1849 (90SR0089) of the United States federal government with a duration of three years, and it has the support of the Puerto Rico Department of Education.


Our Mission

  • Provide a unique opportunity to municipalities not traditionally included in scientific-based prevention initiatives for contributing and developing a cohort of students with the necessary tools and skills to maintain healthy relationships and thrive in school and life.



  • Reduce teen pregnancy rates by voluntary refrain from non-marital sexual activity.
  • Prevent sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS by delaying sexual activity.
  • Increase communication between parents/trusted adult and their adolescents.
  • Give our youth strategies to make informed decisions, so they can develop long-term goals.