UCC has created a method and procedure to receive reports of alleged misconduct or other potential violations as well as positive comments regarding the learning environment. Unless you identify yourself, all reports received are confidential and anonymous. The UCC values your right to privacy on all reported information and will not knowingly disclose any information that would identify you without your express permission. If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not report information in a manner that may personally identify you. For example:
Do not include your relationship to persons identified in your report
Do not include your physical location relative to persons or incidents in your report
The UCC will only use the information submitted by complainants to better the learning environment. By submitting a report, you authorize the UCC to collect, process, store and otherwise use the report and information submitted as deemed appropriate.


UCC is responsible to evaluate the information submitted and to comply with all applicable local, state or federal laws related to the investigation and protection of the information submitted.


By submitting a complaint to UCC, you, the reporter, understand and acknowledge that the UCC will proceed with an investigation.


The UCC take reports made through this reporting mechanism seriously. Please make your report as accurate and truthful as possible. Do not intentionally include false or misleading information in your report. The intentional reporting of false or misleading information can result in reports to the disciplinary committee, potential adverse actions, and civil or criminal liability.