The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OEI) recently published the preliminary report of the Institutional Diversity Survey.  This survey will be administered every two years in order to identify trends by programs and institutional constituents associated with our indicators of diversity.  At the UCC diversity comprises the added value in our academic community of individuals (staff/administration, faculty and students) representing certain segments of the population, such as those from low socioeconomic backgrounds (< $20,000/year family gross income), and first generations in pursuing a professional degree, that enriches the scenarios in which our activities take place. It is expected that these individuals, particularly as pertaining to our students, will provide health care services of excellence to the communities that they represent.  Additionally, we believe that the interaction among the constituents will help foster lifelong positive attributes.  We affirm our commitment to creating and maintaining a Positive Learning Environment, valuing and respecting the dignity of each member of our academic community.