The “Legacy Society” Donors

The Legacy Society is a philanthropic group committed to fundraising efforts to benefit the UCC School of Medicine Scholarship Fund. When you make your commitment to grant a scholarship award for four consecutive years, you will have the opportunity of joining the Legacy Society. By confirming your donation, you will begin experiencing the satisfaction of helping make a dream come true.

We extend our gratitude to all our philanthropists for their donation.


Adolfo Krans

Angel F. Vélez Rojas, MD

Angie Correa, MD

Asociación de Egresados

Awilda Ramos, MD

Carmen Suarez, MD

Charles Schechter, MD

Carrión, Laffitte & Casellas

Eduardo Sabates, MD

Edward Nieves, MD

Edwin Gonzalez Navedo, MD

Félix Del Río, MD

Fredickson Vargas, MD

Gustavo Arvelo, MD

Germán Chaves, MD

Héctor Rodríguez Blázquez, MD

Herminio Vélez, MD

Jaime Vivas, MD

Joaquín Arbona Lago

José Del Río, MD

Jorge Colón Gerena

José Allende, MD

Juan Montes, MD

Maria Odriozola, MD

Maritza de la Rosa, MD

Luis Izquierdo, MD

Marcos Parrilla, MD

Maricarmen Cruz, MD

Mario Figueroa Diez, MD



Obed Pérez, MD

Rafael Campos, MD

Rafael F. Laffitte

Rafael Vaquer, MD

Roberto González Sala, MD

Roger David Polish Matos, MD

Rosendo Martínez, MD

Triple S

Xerox Foundation