Anatomy & Cell Biology Department

The Department of Anatomy was formed in 1977 at the time the Universidad Central del Caribe was established.  In 1994 the Department of Anatomy officially changed its name to Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology.

The Department is strongly committed to medical training and in doing so it is responsible for three first-year Medical School compulsory courses and a number of fourth-year Medical School electives.  The Department is also involved in graduate teaching of Human Anatomy at both doctoral and master levels as part of a broader interdisciplinary Cell Biology Curriculum.  Graduate students in the Department are required to get involved in service activities (e.g., tutoring, preparation of specimens) that support various School of Medicine and University educational programs.


First-year Medical Student Courses:

  • Human Gross and Developmental Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Neuroscience


Fourth-year Medical Student Electives:

  • Anatomy of Limbs & Back
  • Anatomy of Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis & Perineum
  • Anatomy of Head & Neck
  • Neuroanatomy

These electives review the morphology of the different anatomical regions through lectures and laboratory exercises.  Their purpose is to emphasize the clinical importance of anatomical knowledge to adequately prepare the senior medical students for their future specialties and careers in medicine.  They provide the unique opportunity to acquire a strong foundation in the three-dimensional knowledge of the structure of the human body and to discover pathological and  biological variations during the dissection process.


The Department strongly believes what Vesalius wrote in the preface to his

De Human Corporis  Fabrica (1543):

“Anatomy should rightly be regarded as the firm foundation of the whole art of medicine and its essential preliminary”.  Moreover, it should be stressed that the study of anatomy introduces the student to the greater part of medical terminology.  Accordingly,  the anatomy faculty honors this responsibility by supporting innovative educational strategies to medical and graduate programs to attain both research and professional development.


Anatomy & Cell Biology Department Faculty

Dra. Sofia Jimenez Diestch PhD 


Dr. Rosa Haiffe M.D, FCAP 

Associated Professor
Neuroscience Course Coordinator

Dr. Wilson Veras M.D General

Associated Professor
Human Gross and Developmental Anatomy Course Coordinator

Dr. Elizabel de León Olmeda M.D. 

Associated Professor
Histology Course coordinator
First Year Curriculum Coordinator

Dr. Krisna Baksi PhD Associated Professor

Dr. José Oliver Sostre DMD 

Associated Professor


Anatomy & Cell Biology Staff

Emilia Santiago 



Jaime Torres 

Laboratory Technician

Usha Katiyar 

Laboratory Technician



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