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Instructions to External users:

General Instructions: The first step is to contact the facility coordinator, Dr. Misty Eaton 787 798 3001 or simple fill the information in the information page. Detailed information of each particular case will be sent to you.

The Facility Coordinator will require the researchers soliciting the use of the facility the IACUCC protocol approved. The facility can serve your experimental approach in several ways.

Before proceed try to answer following questions:

  • Do you need the noise isolated chamber?
  • Do you need the wireless camera in your animal room? Or
  • Do you have a video file?

When sending to us the video file(s), please be sure is in MEPG, WAV or DV format. You can send to us an analog video; however, an additional charge will be placed in your account.

Follow the instructions of the technician when preparing the digital video (DV). Remember that the analyses will be done only with the appropriated recording. Please see the instruction of how to prepare the video. The facility and its personnel will be not responsible for the experimental designs in which you elaborate the video files. We only make the acquisition and analysis. Any question? Please contact the facility coordinator or the facility technicians,

Mrs. Lidya Miranda  787 798 3001 (x2100)

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